I’m Paul Dean, father of two, grandfather of one, husband of one wife.

I’m a traditional Anglican in the Church of England, where I feel totally at home. You can read more about my personal theological stance here.

I’m based in the South Cotswolds and I’m currently working on my first full-length book, A Layman’s Theology.

A book of short stories, called Left Handed Hammers will be available some time this year, but who knows when. I’ll keep readers informed, but honestly, it’s mostly written…

For those who care I also do a bit of commercial writing, and you can find me on my business site, crimsonleaf copywriting and marketing when I’m not here. I have no other life.

Actually that’s a lie. I have two wonderful adult children and a spectacular grandson, as well as a wife whom I dearly love, and have done for nearly 50 years. She quite likes me.

Please feel free to comment on any article that catches your interest. All comments are moderated for obvious spam, but opinions are never censored.

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