What is Open Theism

open theism potterOpen theism is a different way of looking at the nature of reality and God’s interaction with Mankind. For an alternative view, please see http://theologicaloverload.com/the-butterfly-effect-and-where-open-theism-fails/

Traditionally, God has been seen, since the fifth century at least, as existing outside of time. This is not the case in Open Theism (OT):

In OT the future is partly settled and partly open. The settled future is that which God determines for himself to undertake; the open parts are those which rely on free will. If God ever causes a man to take a particular action it is seen as a form of influence, or guidance rather than coercion. In OT God and man work together, but always in pursuit of God’s over-arching plan.
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Theological Overload

This place is for the exploration of themes and ideas raised on my Christian Free Thinkers Facebook page and for occasional theological musings.

The Christian Free Thinkers Facebook group is for those who are not so bound by dogma that they will cease being Christians in order to defend their position.

We aim for friendly discussion, lively if necessary, but above all, godly and with the over-arching Christian fellowship that followers of Christ should display. To leave room for discussion, we have adopted adherence to the Apostle’s Creed as a minimum benchmark for membership, rather than the more specific Nicene Creed.

The group is lightly moderated, but anyone calling a fellow member a heretic will be banned without warning. We’ve seen enough of this in other groups and some people will never gain access to this group because of their prior attitudes and behaviour.

We’re open to Open Theists, moderate Calvinists, Catholics, Arminians, Anglicans, Wesleyans, Nazarenes and anyone else who plays by the rules.

On this website we’ll discuss some of the issues raised in the group, other groups of which I’m a member, and some thoughts of my own…