The last couple of years have been theologically challenging in many ways other than concerning the faith itself, which remains rock steady. I seem to have arrived at the conclusion that despite efforts to the contrary I am a Calvinist Anglican, that is an Anglican of the Reformed tradition.

Sadly, I feel pressure even to relinquish my Anglican position, though I cling on in hope. We Anglicans, along with the Roman Catholic Church, are moving to a strong ecumenical position. Many would argue that this is a good thing, as Christ after all sought unity amongst his people. However, when that unity moves to embrace other religions where Christ is denied as the son of God we are bound to ask questions. Further, when my own Church, the Church of England, seeks to adjust an already theologically pointless rite, the reaffirmation of baptismal vows, to embrace those who self-mutilate under the banner of transgenderism, then again I find myself wondering if I’m in the right place. Unfortunately, Justin Welby, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, does little to try to keep me, as when a friend of his felt moved to swim the Tiber and join the Roman Church, Welby rejoiced, effectively declaring the Reformation pointless:

“Who cares?” he asked. “I don’t mind about all that. Particularly if people go to Rome, which is such a source of inspiration.”

John 11:35 springs to mind.

Nevertheless, despite my apparently rigid beliefs, I remain open to being convinced of alternative views. I try to remain free in Christ to explore, question and study. One should only close one’s mind when every alternative has been sorted, analysed and rejected, and the one remaining view is the one that best meets one’s understanding. Hopefully you’ll join us in our Facebook Group, Christian Free Thinkers, and contribute to the journey.