Not so much a faith picker perhaps, but a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to pick a Christian faith from the components currently available within Christian beliefs. Print out and use the check boxes. Enjoy!

          1. Adam and Eve were literal humans.☐
          2. Adam and Eve are allegorical characters.☐
          3. The days in Genesis are literal 24 hour days.☐
          4. The days in Genesis are representative of longer time periods.☐
          5. Adam’s nature changed when he sinned.☐
          6. If Adam didn’t have the same nature as us then he would never have sinned.☐
          7. God cannot look upon sin.☐
          8. God sought out Adam and therefore can look upon sin.☐
          9. Jesus is the eternal Son of God, eternally begotten from all eternity.☐
          10. Jesus was a man adopted into Sonship at his baptism.☐
          11. Children should be baptised.☐
          12. Only believing men and women over the age of accountability should be baptised.☐
          13. Baptism saves, and is a sacrament.☐
          14. Baptism doesn’t save, and is an ordinance.☐
          15. Jesus is God.☐
          16. Jesus is a god.☐
          17. God ordains all that comes to pass.☐
          18. God does not ordain all that comes to pass. Some things are outside of his will.☐
          19. God knows the future.☐
          20. God cannot know the future as the future does not yet exist.☐
          21. God cannot declare something which does not come to pass.☐
          22. God changes his mind.☐
          23. Literal Hell exists, where people burn for eternity.☐
          24. Hell is a social construct.☐
          25. The soul is immortal.☐
          26. The soul is only immortal for those who have faith in Jesus, the Christ.☐
          27. God protects his people.☐
          28. Bad things sometimes happen to good people.☐
          29. The bible is all we need to understand and follow Christ.☐
          30. The bible is one of a number of sources of revelation.☐

I’ve limited your choices to 30 because that’s probably all I need for now. We hold to one Faith, but within that faith are limitless possibilities for belief. However, from the choices given, only one from each pair can be true. Your job is to know, with certainty, which one it is. How will you know? And what make the revelation that guides you more accurate that the revelation that guides your disagreeing neighbour? This is today’s Devil’s Advocate post.